Universal Remote Codes List and How to Program Remote

We these days offered a universal remote control for more bedrooms and wanted to discover the remote codes to manipulate our current Sanyo TV and Toshiba DVD player. We ended up looking at a couple of websites and nevertheless didn’t locate the code listing we needed. So we used a couple of sources and gathered up the universal remote control three-digit codes for most TV, VCR, Satellite, DVD, DVR, and Blu-ray players.

We compiled this universal remote programming code listing to make it effortless to discover the code you want to manage your audio and video equipment. If you want to get any TV/DVD/Bluray/etc Universal remote codes, Comment on the below-given box. we will be back with working codes.

Universal Remote Codes

ADMIRAL701, 918
AOC002, 003, 102, 119, 217
BELL & HOWELL506, 601, 701
CANDLE002, 019, 402
CITIZEN002, 112, 319, 402, 407, 502, 512, 701
CLP CLASSIC004, 003, 002
DAEWOO002, 102, 110, 214, 303, 311, 314, 403, 407, 415, 502
DYNEX003, 013, 012, 030, 046, 050, 051
EMERSON002, 003, 004, 005, 104, 105, 106, 115, 204, 205, 206, 213
ENVISION002, 502
FISHER506, 522, 606, 619, 902
FUJITSU206, 321
GE002, 006, 007, 018, 107, 114, 310, 312, 502, 601, 704, 719, 803, 806
GOLDSTAR002, 102, 117, 207, 217, 307, 502, 819, 914
HITACHI002, 016, 116, 216, 315, 410, 502, 507, 515, 519, 607, 615, 622, 701, 707, 710, 715, 815, 902, 915
JC PENNY002, 007, 102, 107, 112, 310, 312, 402, 502, 512
JENSEN002, 502
JVC007, 107, 108, 308, 510, 607, 902
KENWOOD002, 502, 914
KONKA203, 208, 219, 306, 317, 417
LG004, 005, 009, 012, 050, 057, 080, 156, 227, 338
MAGNAVOX002, 009, 109, 118, 209, 309, 402, 408, 502
MARANTZ002, 502, 807
MEGATRON002, 502, 507
MEMOREX002, 115, 206, 502, 506, 601, 701, 706
MGA002, 102, 206, 502, 619, 803, 914
MIDLAND007, 107, 312, 713, 719, 818
MITSUBISHI002, 102, 206, 502, 510, 619, 709, 803
MOTOROLA901, 918
MTC002, 003, 102, 112, 502, 512
NAD002, 120, 502, 512
NEC002, 102, 110, 111, 502, 510, 602, 901
NIKKO002, 407, 502
ORION105, 115, 713
PANASONIC007, 107, 416, 516, 608, 618, 718, 807, 901
PHILCO002, 009, 102, 109, 309, 402, 408, 502, 508, 807, 901, 914
PHILIPS002, 009, 020, 109, 122, 202, 209, 210, 222, 310, 322, 402, 510, 807, 822, 901, 914, 917, 919, 922
PIONEER002, 120, 502, 519, 610
PROSCAN312, 601, 704, 719
PROTON002, 119, 220, 502, 820, 910
QUASAR007, 107, 416, 516, 608, 618, 718, 807, 901
RADIO SHACK002, 021, 111, 117, 406, 502, 506, 601, 618, 704, 705
RCA002, 021, 011, 102, 211, 302, 312, 318, 320, 406, 409, 411, 420, 502, 511, 514
SAMSUNG002, 012, 102, 103, 112, 212, 502, 512, 818, 914
SANSUI115, 215
SANYO002, 412, 506, 522, 612, 619, 902
SCOTT002, 004, 105, 206, 502, 805, 906
SEARS002, 112, 206, 312, 502, 506, 512, 520, 601, 612, 619, 704, 719, 902, 914
SHARP002, 013, 014, 111, 502, 509, 712, 812, 813, 913, 918
SONY202, 414, 708, 801
SYLVANIA002, 009, 109, 209, 309, 402, 408, 502, 508, 717
SYMPHONIC520, 904, 906
TECHNICS007, 107
TECHWOOD002, 007, 107, 502
TOSHIBA112, 313, 413, 419, 506, 510, 512, 517, 613, 902
VIDTECH002, 102, 502
VIZIO0050, 1000, 1222, 1322, 1189, 0218, 0219, 0220, 0221, 0222, 1169, 1168, 0081, 0112, 0143, 1011
YAMAHA002, 102, 502, 914
ZENITH002, 008, 115, 215, 405, 407, 507, 601, 701, 713, 903, 91

Brandwise Universal Remote codes

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This article presents you with all the codes for universal remote control you will want to apply to any device. But first, you want to recognize how conventional remotes work and primary pointers to endure in the idea when the usage of one.

The following listing is the three-digit codes that will work with ANY well-known remote. The codes are the widely widespread defaults for that unique TV, DVR, DVD, or VCR. Whether your universal remote control is made through GE, Sony, RCA, or Philips, the codes will work if programmed correctly.

Before you start the usage of your remote, entire the following initial setup tasks.

  • Install the Batteries
  • The far-off requires two AA batteries (alkaline recommended). A format in the battery
  • The compartment of the far-off shows the suitable placement of the batteries. When the batteries are
  • Properly installed, the mild on the far off blinks every time a key is pressed.

How to apply a universal remote to a DVD player, Blu Ray player, or TV:

  • Turn on the device.
  • On the remote control,  press the corresponding gadget button – “TV”, “DVD”.
  • Press and maintain the “RCU SETUP” button till the gadget key blinks twice.
  • Press code the use of the range pad on the remote. The system button will blink twice.
  • To reap the first digit of the code press “1” on the far-flung quantity pad and then matter the variety of instances the system button blinks. If it blinks twice, the first wide variety in the code is two If the machine button does now not blink, the first range of the code is zero For the 2d digit of the code press “2” on the far off variety pad and then depend on the range of instances the gadget button blinks. Continue this manner to attain the ultimate digits of the code.
  • To research the codes for different devices, without a doubt repeat the steps above however replacement the gadget button with the gorgeous one for the gadget you are checking.

How to program a remote for Vizio TV:

  • Manually flip on your TV (or system you prefer to control)
  • Press the TV (or device) button and keep for 5 seconds till the LED flashes twice. LED will stay lit.
  • Find the programming code for your TV (or device) in the code listing under and enter the usage of the Number Buttons. The LED flashes as soon as after getting into every digit if the code is accepted.
  • Point the VIZIO remote control at the system and press the POWER button. If the system powers off, the setup is complete. If not, repeat the steps with a specific code.

How to program the remote for Dish Network for your TV

  • Find the proper far-flung code for the make and mannequin of the TV or Home theater equipment.
  • Point the Dish Network remote control at the TV. Press and keep down the “TV” button till 4 lights at the pinnacle of the far-flung illuminate.
  • Enter the remote code for your TV on the remote quantity keypad. If you’re the use the TV set in “Aux” mode to view the output from a related exterior device, press the “0” key earlier than getting into the code. “TV” mild lights up on the Dish Network remote.
  • Press the “#” key on the remote. The “TV” mild at the pinnacle of the remote flashes three times.
  • TEST YOUR REMOTE – Press the pink “Power” button on the remote control. The TV has to flip off. FINISHED.

How to software UNIVERSAL remote for COMCAST

  • Turn on the TV you are programming.
  • Press and launch the “TV” button on the Universal remote.
  • Press and maintain the “Setup” button on the far-flung till the button blinks twice.
  • Type in the 5-digit code the usage of the wide variety buttons.
  • If the code is correct, you will get two blinks. If the code is incorrect, you will get one lengthy blink.
  • Use the remote to function your TV (use Power, VOL)
  • If these steps don’t work, seem for every other code from the massive listing above and repeat.

One of the absolute high-quality universal remote controls we have ever used for controlling a couple of units is the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote with Customizable Touch Screen. It controls your complete domestic amusement system. Even controls sport consoles and units hidden in the back of cupboard doorways and walls. It has effective remote control customization features. Use the remote code to software your common remote. 

Includes the capability to create one-touch endeavor sequences, modify and remap buttons, set gadget delays and timing, plus an awful lot more. A super intuitive coloration contact screen. You can swipe and faucet to get admission. This accepted faraway is very high-priced however you get what you pay for. It is pictured above and can be bought online here. It is high-quality for an all in one universal remote as it can manage all DVR and sport consoles with its many special features

If you have masses of remotes then it’s time to take the Universal remote. In current technological days we have a number of sorts of remotes for every and the whole lot like for the TV, Cable Box, tune players, DVD Player, and the DVR and so on. Of direction, every one of these gadgets can manufacture their personal remotes, and additionally, it would possibly be careworn about what is for what device. At that time we have Universal far-flung controls for each system and you can get them from the beneath fantastic universal remote listing inclusive of their codes.

There are three easy methods to set up or to configure a widespread far-flung and the first one is Using a Keycode, Programming Via Universal Remote Code Search and Manual Setup. Most remotes will erase until now entered codes for unique gadgets when anybody keys in a new code. All the codes can be cleared from a remote control as soon as to make room for a totally new leisure setup.

By the usage of the keycode we can without problems software a typical far off and the keycode identifies the make and mannequin of your equipment.

  • First, you want to “Turn The Device On”
  • Press the “TV” on your “Universal Remote”
  • Now press and keep the “Setup button” of the Universal Remote till it indicates the “Light Flash” (It capacity is in “Learning mode”)
  • Finally, enter the “Keycode” which you gathered from the programming information (Instructions Booklet)
  • Once you’ve completed this procedure, simply “point your remote at the TV” and then “Press And Hold The Power” button
  • You can launch the “Power Button” every time the display switches off
  • That’s all, your TV will work flawlessly now with the widely widespread far-off control, if your machine is no longer working then attempt to repeat the identical method with the specific code from the equal section of the reference table.

If you couldn’t discover the key code which works for the system at that time you can set up your universal remote to search mode for the right one. Its a code in the guide which forces the far-flung into the search mode

  • First of all “Turn The Device On”
  • Now press and maintain the “Setup” button
  • Enter the three-digit code
  • Now maintain down the “Power Button” on the remote and then press the Channel up them till the system, in this case, your television “Turns Off”

The above technique may take some more time however it is very vital to locate your key code. Once you have finished the above system your far-flung need to be working for all the functions.

If the above two techniques can’t be helped to you then the closing technique is “Manual Setup”, if you configure the usual remote manage manually your system can work perfectly. If none of the codes listed for your manufacturer of machine function the system correctly, or if your machine is now not listed in the codes table, you can use the Auto-Search characteristic to search via the code library for a legitimate code. This part offers techniques for the use of the Auto-Search characteristic to search the code library for TV.

  • Place the “Remote Control dealing with To The Universal far-flung manage you prefer to replace”
  • Now press the “Setup Button” or “Magic”
  • Then enter the “Code” (You can discover this in Instruction Booklet) for guide Programming
  • Now press any of the features which you choose to “program” for occasion “TV Volume Up”
  • Then press And keep the corresponding key on the “Original Remote Controller”
  • Finally, one of the lights will “blink” that capability it has been saved correctly
  • Now your “TV Volume Up” button has been saved to the Universal far away and you can use the extent button.
  • You have to repeat all the buttons to program, once you have achieved all the features which you desire and ultimately press the “Setup Button” Again to end the session.

How can we locate the code for my Universal Remote?

With the under steps, you can apply your remote control by using the usage of automated code search, so comply with the steps below.

  • Click on TV or Any Of  the Desired Device
  • Until the TV Key Blinks Twice you want to maintain on press and keep “Setup”
  • The TV Key Will Blink Twice when you enter the code
  • Once click on “Power” and release
  • We want to “Turn Off” our machine to that preserve the “CH+” continuously
  • Finally, the TV Key must blink twice, so once press on “Setup” and release.

A universal remote is far off that you can software to any system to manage that device. Most gadgets come with remote control. With time, the remote control that comes with a gadget can ruin or you may also lose it. You will want a special standard far-off code to apply a far-flung to any device. Indeed, this is the place this web page comes in.

You can additionally appear thru the classes outlined right here to discover codes to promote your universal remote to any machine you want. Each gadget and every company has special codes you want to apply the machine to a usual remote. 

For most devices, the LED receives to blink as soon as for every range you kind key in. Once you are achieved keying in the code, the LED will blink twice and go off. Then the gadget will flip on automatically. For some devices, you have to flip off the machine with the usage of the universal remote control. Once that is done, you have effectively programmed your universal remote to your device.

If there is no response when you press the keys on the remote, please take a look at the following items before calling for service.

  • Are the batteries inserted correctly?
  • Check the battery situation for leakage.
  • Replace with new alkaline batteries.
  • Check the Device
  • Is the device’s strength wire linked to the energy outlet?
  • Is the system switched on?