GE Home Theater in a Box (HTIB) Universal Remote Codes

By | May 24, 2021

         GE Home Theater in a Box (HTIB) Universal Remote Codes List

AIWA0414, 0839
CENTRIOS1067, 1055, 0449
DURABRAND0449, 0405
MAGNAVOX0915, 0969, 0756, 0408, 0756
NEXXTECH1066, 1055, 0449
PHILIPS0755, 0969, 0756
PIONEER0976, 0968
RADIO SHACK0449, 0894, 0895, 0453, 0879
RCA0449, 0920, 0453, 0879
RIO0405, 0787
SAMSUNG0454, 0942
SELECTRON1078, 1083
ZENITH0405, 0787

                       Programming a system the use of the Code Lists

  • Find codes for every system and company below.
  • Press and “HOLD” CODE SEARCH.
  • Press and launch the TV, VCR, or Cable button you prefer to set up. If programming AUX for a device, press and launch AUX first and then the system to be programmed (TV, VCR, or Cable). When the chosen system button flashes proceed to the subsequent step.
  • Enter the three-digit code from the TV, VCR, or Cable Box code lists.
  • Release CODE SEARCH.
  • With the machine on, press some other button, for instance, CHANNEL UP. If the system responds, no additional programming is required.

    How to Program GE Home Theater in a Box (HTIB) Universal Remote Without a Code Search Button

  • Find your remote’s revision wide variety and write it down – It commonly begins with the letter “R” and has 5 or 6 characters. If you don’t be aware of the revision number, you can discover it by using opening your battery cartridge and casting off your batteries. Once you do, you have to see a sticky label internal with a number of numbers.
  • Go to GE Home Theater in a Box (HTIB)’s website and search for your revision’s wide variety from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the company title of the machine you are making an attempt to join to structure the subsequent drop-down menu.
  • Choose the company to identify the machine you are making an attempt to join to shape the subsequent drop-down menu.
  • Write the code down.
  • Turn on your TV and the machine that you favor to pair it with.
  • Enter the code the usage of the range pad on your remote while preserving down the system key.
  • Test the remote to make certain that all the buttons are working.

A universal remote control is surely a super device that can change all of your different remotes. The pairing is the most difficult section of it all; however, it will retailer you heaps of time when you do.

Before programming your GE Home Theater in a Box (HTIB) universal remote, take a look at it so you can assurance it’s fully functional. Make positive that the remote has batteries. Aside from that, you ought to additionally take a look at the receiver of the device(s) you desire to pair it with. Also, make certain that you are pointing the remote at the TV the total time.


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